Recycle Sweaters

Now that it’s getting colder and we’re pulling out our warmer clothing, I’m sure that there will be a few old sweater that no longer fit, are not in the best condition, or no longer are in style.  Here are just a few ideas  for things that you could make out of your old sweaters, repurposing them to make yourself something or even a gift for someone this holiday season.  You could start with stockings for your children, siblings, friends, or your whole family.

Then move on to a felted blanket from all of those wool sweaters to keep you warm when you don’t have time to make a fire.

Next: holiday gifts.  Everyone has that eccentric soul in their family, whether it be a niece, cousin, or friend; so why not make a multicoloured sweater to give as a gift?

Once it gets closer to the holidays, you can start to decorate.  So get started on a colourful wreath with your entire family to hang on the front door.  It would mean so much more than anything bought in a store, and it would be recycled!