Green Tip of the Week

Earth Share is one of my newly discovered websites that I love as far as ‘going green’ goes.  As a new part of  this blog, we are adding a green tip of the week that will be posted sometime on the weekends.  We will try to make the tip as relevant to the time of the year as well as the season with our green tip.

Turn Your Blue Jeans ‘Green’

Fall and winter are coming up and as I’ve noticed, most people’s go-to outfit during the colder seasons include blue jeans.  Here are a few ways that your blue jeans can be good for the environment.

Go Vintage: instead of going to a big box store for your blue jeans, try a thrift store in your area.  This will also be much cheaper than buying them 100% new, and I’ve found they fit better because they’ve already been broken in for you

Go Organic: cotton that is not grown organically is responsible for 11% of the pesticide use!  Go for organic cotton jeans to reduce the use of pesticides, which harm the environment

Hang Your Jeans Out to Dry: this will reduce energy usage in your house and cut down on your energy bill.  If there’s free wind energy outside, why not use it?  Also, sparing the jeans from the heat of the dryer will help them to last longer, helping to save you money (again!)

Denim Crafts: this is a wonderful way to put old denim to good use.  Make bags, jewelry, and home decoration out of your old denim.  Have fun making a craft and save money on something that you would have had to buy at the store for a higher price

Keep Someone Warm: if your denim is too worn out to do crafts with it, send it to the ‘Cotton from Blue to Green’ denim drive.  Your denim will end up being a green alternative to regular insulation and will help keep someone warm in the winter

Recycled Fashion Homecoming Dresses

For all of the girls out there in high school and college, homecoming is coming up quite quickly.  Most schools are already back in session and the dance committees are already working on preparing for the upcoming dances.  Most teenage and twenty-something girls buy their dresses at a big box store, but then they face the chance that another girl will be at the dance with her same dress.  This year I will not have that problem and neither should you.  I personally will not be buying my dress, but remaking it out of an existing vintage dress.  It’s a dress from the 80’s and has big puffy sleeves and all (ew!).  So I’m taking the sleeves off, shortening the dress (it’s floor length too!) and I will have a beautifully coloured dress to work with and to add anything to that I like.  My first addition will be some beautiful vintage lace.  My dress will be original and unique.  Nobody will have the same dress.  Here are some ideas on how to make your own unique homecoming dress.  If you’re not interested in making your own, I have included some links to websites where you can purchase a fair trade, organic cotton, or previously worn dress.  All of these are just as good of ideas if you’re looking to be an original and help the environment at the same time.

Here are a few images of a cute dress made entirely from newspapers.  To see the making of this dress, go to:

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Yes, I know this is not a dress, but who really wants to take their huge purse into a dance?  Here’s a cute little clutch to make that will truly stand out


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Since homecoming isn’t nearly as formal as prom, here are a few cute and short dresses from Free People that have the loved ‘vintage’ feel to them that could easily be worn as a homecoming dress.  Shoes, jewelry, and other accessories could dress any of them up quite nicely.

All four dresses are currently for sale in all sizes under $200.  A couple of them come in other colours than the ones pictured here.  So check out the site, get a cute homecoming dress, and help to ‘free people’ all over the world by supporting them in this fair trade clothing site.

Just Keep Recycling

Here are a few simple ideas that I’ve just found online that would be a great way to recycle and make a statement.

Zippers are a very large statement in the fashion industry today.  This would be a very simple make and would work as a gift, as pictured here.  If you had an old sweatshirt that ripped or the zippers broke, take the zippers off and use them as jewelry and the fabric can be used for any number of things. 

Here is an image of fabric rings.  Take your leftover fabric (thick ribbon would work too if you are a crafter and not a seamstress)  from any of your previous projects.  Add your own style and create!

Cut strips out of your favourite soda can when you are done drinking (and have rinsed it out, of course!), coil them, wrap them in wire, and turn them into beads for a funky necklace.

Men’s old neckties can easily be turned into a number of things from belts, handles for your purse, or, as pictured here, a funky neck wrap.  This would make a statement anywhere you go.

This would not be an entire piece of clothing or jewelry project.  Just a simple fabric flower made from an old necktie, sweater, shirt, purse, or scrap fabric on a broach would dress up any outfit.

Recycled Vintage Jewelry

Here are some ideas of what to do wtih those thrift store jewels or your vintage jewelry that fell apart.  You can still put it back together with a more modern touch.

Crafts and Clothing from Scrap-Fabric

T-Shirts to Necklaces

Remember than any of these necklaces could be made from recycled or scrap fabric, not just old t-shirts.  Also, when adding embellishments to your necklace, see if you can use something you already have in your house rather than going out and buying something for it.  This also reduces waste, because the processing for a new product does not have to be wasted.  Try using some spare buttons or beads off of a necklace that broke or even use one of your grandmother’s old vintage broaches as embellishments.  If there is any particular necklace you would like to see a how-to for, let me know and I will try to get it up before the end of the summer.  Happy reading!

Shirts to Skirts

Here’s a new idea.  Turn old men’s dress shirts into skirts and dresses!















Here’s a few neat little facts to keep you being as green as you possibly can be:

Don’t Patronize Fast-Food Chains.

“Eight hundred and fifty-two million people around the world live in poverty.  Of these people, 815 million of them live in developing countries.  In 1996, governments of the countries that belong to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) made a commitment to halving the number of malnourished people in the world by 2015.  At the present rate of progress this target will be achieved in 2150, or more than 100 years late, because of fast-food restraunts.  Meanwhile, no part of the world is spared the wave of fast-food chain restaurant openings, a vertable standard-bearer of globalization.  If you visit fast-food restaurants, think about what you are doing, and make your children aware of the other results of mass-produed food: intensive, polluting agriculture, poor nutritional quality, mountains of non-recyclable packaging, and standardization of tastes” (Bourseiller).

Preserve our natural world as long as we can.  Think about your actions.

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