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Greetings from Virginia Tech!


I originally started this blog as a high school project and have been on the site many times since I began college to monitor comments and the like.  However, I definitely miss posting, so now that exams are almost over, I will be getting back in the swing of things.  Since starting school at the wonderful school of Virginia Polytechnic Institute this fall, I have definitely learned the importance of being frugal.  Be that by eating ramen and microwaveable mac and cheese or becoming even better at shopping at thrift stores and yard sales.  During almost everyone’s college experience, thrift stores become a very important part in your wardrobe.  Over my break, I will be posting tips for shopping at thrift stores for everything currently in style, as well as tips to make them your own.  I was good with thrift shopping while I was in high school, but somehow knowing that I am going to be thousands of dollars in debt in a few years with just a diploma in hand going into the real world, I see the importance of saving money everywhere possible.  Of course, this is not only about being friendly to your wallet, but also being environmentally friendly as well.  Check back for more posts on tips for shopping at thrift stores!

Bottle Cap Necklace and Headband

The fashions that I am remaking today are the Bib-Necklace and Fashion Headbands

bibnecklaceheadband I remade both of these items with some scrap fabric, extra fake pearls, and bottlecaps that I had around my house.  It cost me nothing except the hot glue and some time watching some of my favourite tv shows while I made them.

The items you will need for the necklace are scrap fabric, glue, ribbon, fake pearls, and bottlecaps.  I picked some bottle caps that had sayings and pictures inside of them to add an extra neat effect.

blog 060blog 062 I cut out the shape that I wanted my necklace to be and I laid out the bottle caps in the design that I wanted before I started gluing them down so I didn’t make any mistakes there.  I then filled all of the space between the bottle caps with hot glue and sprinkled some fake pearls in.  blog 063blog 064

The headband was a lot of fun to make as well and it was extremely simple.  I filled the inside of the bottle caps with hot glue and then filled them with the pearls.  When I had a good number of these, I attatched them along a pretty white ribbon I found lying around in my studio and I had a cool fashion headband that matched my necklace.

blog 066blog 067

Purse out of a Rice Bag


I had seen some of these purses, wallets, and backpacks made out of recycled rice bags in local stores and online, so I decided that I would make my own.  The rice bag that we had at my home when I decided to do this project was relatively small, but it already had handles on it.  It was also already quite beautiful on it’s own.  blog 056  I decided my version of this bag was going to be attatching buttons, beads, and charms I had no other use for.

blog 055 After adding the charms, I decided that the size of the bag was perfect to be my new make-up case. blog 058

Re-Design an Old T-Shirt

blog 99

First, pick the t-shirt that you are going to re-work. Any designs or writing on the shirt will just add an extra touch when you’re done.blog 045

My cat likes recycling, too.

Then, mark where you want the fringes to start and cut all the way around the shirt with strips about a half an inch wide and up to the point you picked.blog 047

When you have a strip cut, tug on it a bit and the t-shirt will curl, giving it the desired look.

blog 048

When you are finished with the strips, make sure that they are cut evenly all the way around and that they are curled

After this, tie a knot in the top of all of the strips

blog 049

When you have tied these knots, we move on to the next kind on knot tying

blog 053And for the finished product, I give you a redesigned shirt.  The example I was going off of had a tighter pattern and cut off what was left.  I used a loose pattern and the fringes on the end due to personal preference.  As you can see, there are many versions of this shirt that you can do.blog 052

New Year, New Earth

With the new year here, we are supposed to make new years resolutions.  Most people say that they’re going to lose 20 pounds or stop eating chocolate, but why not resolve to recycle more?  It would be the easiest resolution ever and you’d be helping everybody else and the world out with you.  I know this is on my list of resolutions.


Did you know?

*Americans use 50 million tons of paper annually.  To put this in perspective, that equals about 850 million trees.

*Energy saved from recycling 1 aluminum can is enough to power your TV for 3 hours.

*Large areas of South and Central America have been cleared to bring cheap beef to producers in the U.S.  Much of this land being cleared was originally rainforest.

*Rainforests are extremely important to our health.  1 in 4 prescription medications have ingredients that come from our rainforests.

It’s really amazing that more people aren’t doing more for our environment when they can see that this:

Turns into this:

The biggest thing that you can do for the environment is not forget about it and don’t ignore what you see.  When we, as humans, forget that the environment is what supports life, we destroy what we have.  Remembering and caring about the environment is the first step in reparing what we have done.

Holiday Sweaters!

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, it’s definitely time to start planning for holiday festivities! A great way to get together with family and friends is to throw a tacky Christmas sweater party!


Most thrift stores in your town should have a “seasonal” section that will be full of fun holiday outfits.

For a tacky Christmas party, ask all of your guests to look at these stores (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc) and find the craziest Christmas sweater they can find. At your party, people can compare their sweaters, make new acquaintances, and have a great night.

This is a great way to recycle old sweaters and help your loved ones become more aware about their local thrift stores (and to celebrate for the holidays, of course)

So start planning your party!

An extra tip: If you are throwing the party for younger children, they would most likely enjoy doing a craft. We’ve posted a few ideas for ornaments already. Check them out!

We Wish You a Recycled Christmas

Here are some cool ideas I’ve found online for recycled Christmas ornaments, most of which would be very easy to do with kids

Hammer designs into old can lids and add a bottle cap with inspiration for a warm, homey feeling

Paint and glitter your old silverware for a cute vintage touch

Use some of the fallen branches in your yard to create mini-trees to put on your big tree for a natural touch

Cut shapes out of used CDs and string them for some recycled bling

Use comic strips, newspaper, or magazines to create these one of a kind ornaments for your tree

Decorate any Christmas cut-out with used zippers

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