Hello Again!

blogNow, I know it’s been a long time since I have posted, and it’s been because I’ve been so busy with college and work lately.  But, as we all know, college isn’t the time to be spending money on anything except, well, college.  And every college girl wants to look trendy while still being practical and staying warm in the winter months.  I’ve done a few things lately to update my look that required very little look.  For one, I changed out the buttons on my winter coat to make a bolder statement.  I always go on eBay to watch for sales and deals on buttons because they can get pricey at department stores.  If I buy in bulk on eBay and update buttons on a shirt or coat, I then like to add some in a cluster onto a hat or scarf so that they can match my coat.  I’ve also added some lace or scrap fabric into shirts that I want to spice up or even a t-shirt that I’ve outgrown.  I try not to get rid of clothes that I can still use, but if I can no longer use them, I donate them to a location that give the clothes away for free to people in need.  Remember, it’s not all about saving yourself money, but it’s also about the environment and helping others.

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