The Thrift Shopper

I found this site online while I was looking for new Thrift Shops in my area.  Just enter your zip code or city name and state and you will receive a list of local thrift shops along with ratings from other thrift shoppers, addresses, as well as store hours.  I am one of the biggest thrifting people out there and I was surprised to see a shop on the list that I had yet to visit.  So check out this site.  It just may make your Thrift Shopping that much easier. Just click the title to take you to the link.


DIY High-Low Skirt

DIY High-Low Skirt

Now I know we’ve all seen the new trend the high-low skirt, but it’s exactly that, a new trend. Nothing that is coming back into style, so you are not likely to find one at a thrift store. However, there are plenty of floor length skirts in unique patterns. Plenty. They may not be particularly attractive to wear as is, but I pick out a unique pattern that fits around my waist, and cut and sew it into my own high-low skirt. The main shape of the skirt is already there, and all it takes is about 20 minutes of your time to turn a $1 thrift store skirt into one of the newest fashions today. Yours will definitely be unique


Chunky 80’s Sweaters

Chunky 80's Sweaters

I was the happiest person when oversized sweaters started to become popular, because I had started to gather a collection from thrift stores. I mean, who can leave goodwill without an 80s sweater? Not me, certainly. Pair them with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings for a cold day, cut down the center and sew it up for a new cardigan, add some elbow patches out of some old fabric, or simply just wear it to a tacky sweater party. Christmas sweaters are always abundant, and I have a few for parties. Every design on these sweaters are unique, and at goodwill (one of the more expensive thrift stores that I have been to) sweaters are only $3.75. Great to have for those cold winter days and awesome to be able to keep up with the new styles


Hello Again

Greetings from Virginia Tech!


I originally started this blog as a high school project and have been on the site many times since I began college to monitor comments and the like.  However, I definitely miss posting, so now that exams are almost over, I will be getting back in the swing of things.  Since starting school at the wonderful school of Virginia Polytechnic Institute this fall, I have definitely learned the importance of being frugal.  Be that by eating ramen and microwaveable mac and cheese or becoming even better at shopping at thrift stores and yard sales.  During almost everyone’s college experience, thrift stores become a very important part in your wardrobe.  Over my break, I will be posting tips for shopping at thrift stores for everything currently in style, as well as tips to make them your own.  I was good with thrift shopping while I was in high school, but somehow knowing that I am going to be thousands of dollars in debt in a few years with just a diploma in hand going into the real world, I see the importance of saving money everywhere possible.  Of course, this is not only about being friendly to your wallet, but also being environmentally friendly as well.  Check back for more posts on tips for shopping at thrift stores!