Green Tip of the Week #2

Here are some Green Tips for hotel stays for the upcoming holidays:

#1  Reuse your towels- if you’re staying for more than one night, reuse your towel.  They don’t need to go through the wash every day to get you dry

#2  Conserve extra water- just because you’re not paying for the water when you take a shower doesn’t mean the environment isn’t paying

#3  Take the stairs-save the electricity of running the elevator

#4  Bring your own food- instead of eating fast food or getting vending machine food with all of the extra wrappings, bring your own food.  There is a refridgerator and microwave in the room for a reason

#5  Don’t have the bedding changed every night-the bedding from one hotel room can take up an entire washing machine by itself.  Save the water and electricity

#6  Bring a reusable mug-the styrofoam cups in the room are not only individually wrapped in plastic, but styrofoam also takes up to 2 million years to fully decompose.  Use a little bit of water and wash your own mug instead

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