Green Tip of the Week

Earth Share is one of my newly discovered websites that I love as far as ‘going green’ goes.  As a new part of  this blog, we are adding a green tip of the week that will be posted sometime on the weekends.  We will try to make the tip as relevant to the time of the year as well as the season with our green tip.

Turn Your Blue Jeans ‘Green’

Fall and winter are coming up and as I’ve noticed, most people’s go-to outfit during the colder seasons include blue jeans.  Here are a few ways that your blue jeans can be good for the environment.

Go Vintage: instead of going to a big box store for your blue jeans, try a thrift store in your area.  This will also be much cheaper than buying them 100% new, and I’ve found they fit better because they’ve already been broken in for you

Go Organic: cotton that is not grown organically is responsible for 11% of the pesticide use!  Go for organic cotton jeans to reduce the use of pesticides, which harm the environment

Hang Your Jeans Out to Dry: this will reduce energy usage in your house and cut down on your energy bill.  If there’s free wind energy outside, why not use it?  Also, sparing the jeans from the heat of the dryer will help them to last longer, helping to save you money (again!)

Denim Crafts: this is a wonderful way to put old denim to good use.  Make bags, jewelry, and home decoration out of your old denim.  Have fun making a craft and save money on something that you would have had to buy at the store for a higher price

Keep Someone Warm: if your denim is too worn out to do crafts with it, send it to the ‘Cotton from Blue to Green’ denim drive.  Your denim will end up being a green alternative to regular insulation and will help keep someone warm in the winter