here’s something you can do

Here are some more recycled dresses from Project Runway to give you all some inspiration

A Step towards Greener Living for the Week

Reduce your meat consumption, and you’ll feed the world.

“In the United States and Europe, two-thirds of the grain produced each year is destined for livestock feed.  More than half of the grains produced worldwide are not fed to humans.  If it were, it could feed 2 billion people.  This system is too costly in natural resources such as water, soil, and energy sources and willnot be able to sustain the 8 billion people predicted to be living on earth in 2030.  Begin to reduce your meat consumption slowly.  Choose one day a week to eat vegetarian and increase the number of days at your own pace.  The variety of foods for vegetarians and the availability of local farm-fresh organic produce make the vegetarian lifestlye more appealing than ever, and you will be helping to relieve a small part of the pressures of our global appetite” (Bourseiller).


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