Toms Remake

Re-pair ... don't trash your Toms, patch 'em! @Barb Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson McCormick

Found this great idea on pinterest.  These are not necessarily ideas that you can only do with Toms, but they are great ways to take old shoes and to create something that can still be worn once they wear out or to create a new form of décor for your house or apartment.  I have also seen something done where they cut the toms out to create summer sandals.


Make your own dresses for a night out.  Here are a few images for inspiration 🙂





Remaking Thrift Store Finds

blazerWhile browsing through Pinterest today, I came across a few interesting things while looking at different ways to remake clothes.  I found a few ideas and one really awesome website that I would like to share with you.

First of all, the old hoodie.  We all have one of those that is no longer interesting or trendy, or really even warm anymore.  So why not turn it into a hip new blazer to wear to interviews or for a night out, depending on how you embellish it.

Secondly, I loved the flats that were recovered in lace.  when the faux leather or any finish on the flats start to chip off, you can re-cover them and create an entirely new pair of shoes as long as the sole is still good.


And lastly, I found two websites that I thought had amazing ideas that I would like to share with you.  The first one is called College Fashion, and it has some DIYs on remaking thrift store clothes that I though were helpful.

The second blog that I loved was called Refashionista and was a woman who did a remake of a thrift store find everyday for a whole year.

Hello Again!

blogNow, I know it’s been a long time since I have posted, and it’s been because I’ve been so busy with college and work lately.  But, as we all know, college isn’t the time to be spending money on anything except, well, college.  And every college girl wants to look trendy while still being practical and staying warm in the winter months.  I’ve done a few things lately to update my look that required very little look.  For one, I changed out the buttons on my winter coat to make a bolder statement.  I always go on eBay to watch for sales and deals on buttons because they can get pricey at department stores.  If I buy in bulk on eBay and update buttons on a shirt or coat, I then like to add some in a cluster onto a hat or scarf so that they can match my coat.  I’ve also added some lace or scrap fabric into shirts that I want to spice up or even a t-shirt that I’ve outgrown.  I try not to get rid of clothes that I can still use, but if I can no longer use them, I donate them to a location that give the clothes away for free to people in need.  Remember, it’s not all about saving yourself money, but it’s also about the environment and helping others.

The Thrift Shopper

I found this site online while I was looking for new Thrift Shops in my area.  Just enter your zip code or city name and state and you will receive a list of local thrift shops along with ratings from other thrift shoppers, addresses, as well as store hours.  I am one of the biggest thrifting people out there and I was surprised to see a shop on the list that I had yet to visit.  So check out this site.  It just may make your Thrift Shopping that much easier. Just click the title to take you to the link.


DIY High-Low Skirt

DIY High-Low Skirt

Now I know we’ve all seen the new trend the high-low skirt, but it’s exactly that, a new trend. Nothing that is coming back into style, so you are not likely to find one at a thrift store. However, there are plenty of floor length skirts in unique patterns. Plenty. They may not be particularly attractive to wear as is, but I pick out a unique pattern that fits around my waist, and cut and sew it into my own high-low skirt. The main shape of the skirt is already there, and all it takes is about 20 minutes of your time to turn a $1 thrift store skirt into one of the newest fashions today. Yours will definitely be unique


Chunky 80’s Sweaters

Chunky 80's Sweaters

I was the happiest person when oversized sweaters started to become popular, because I had started to gather a collection from thrift stores. I mean, who can leave goodwill without an 80s sweater? Not me, certainly. Pair them with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings for a cold day, cut down the center and sew it up for a new cardigan, add some elbow patches out of some old fabric, or simply just wear it to a tacky sweater party. Christmas sweaters are always abundant, and I have a few for parties. Every design on these sweaters are unique, and at goodwill (one of the more expensive thrift stores that I have been to) sweaters are only $3.75. Great to have for those cold winter days and awesome to be able to keep up with the new styles


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